Our Team – Linda Hoare

Senior Occupational Therapist

Linda’s a registered occupational therapist with over 8 years of clinical experience in general mental health and forensic mental health. This has included helping clients identify barriers to their occupational wellbeing and collaboratively developing strategies that assist them to overcome challenges in areas such as: independent living skills, self-care, health and fitness, and community participation.

Linda has a genuine enthusiasm and zeal for developing innovative and creative solutions to care needs and supporting people to live their best quality of life. Her passions lie in social inclusion, occupational justice, early intervention, trauma informed care, and working with marginalized populations.

Career Snapshot

Linda graduated from Charles Sturt University with a Bachelor of Health Science (Occupational Therapy) in 2009 and followed her passion for mental health by starting her career in an acute psychiatric facility. She soon specialized in forensic mental health working with people with criminal offending backgrounds. Linda’s experience working in high secure settings have lead her to be resourceful and innovative. She has experience delivering individual and group interventions as well as providing staff orientation and training programs (such as clinical risk assessment and management for violence). Her skills include cognitive assessment, sensory profiling, activity scheduling, functional skill development, falls prevention and management, and specialized report writing.

After working in public health for many years, including brief period acting in a health management position as a Rehabilitation Coordinator for a high secure forensic hospital, Linda joined the Zeal & Co Consulting team in 2017 bringing with her a creative, strengths based and client centered approach to the services she offers.

Linda is registered with The Occupational Therapy Board of Australia and holds memberships with Occupational Therapy Australia.

Linda was a co-winner of 2016 NSW Health Award for ‘Enhancing Patients’ Experience through the Arts’ for the implementation of a Rhythm and Rhymes Adult Program (RRAP) in a high secure forensic hospital.

She’s a co-author of the research article ‘Occupation-Focused Practice in Justice Health and Forensic Mental Health: Using a practice-based enquiry approach’ published in 2015 and she continues to be part of a practice scholar group promoting practice based enquiry approaches.

You can find out more about Linda on LinkedIn