Our Team – Andra Cazamir

Occupational Therapist

Andra has graduated from Western Sydney University with an Honours degree in occupational therapy. As an occupational therapist, Andra enjoys having the opportunity to be creative and resourceful in catering therapeutic interventions to meet each person’s needs. She is passionate about addressing people’s psychological and emotional wellbeing and assisting them to become independent in their daily activities. She has experience working with adults in a range of settings including those who have experienced mental illness, orthopaedic injuries, and with adults receiving palliative care at hospital or in the community.

Career snapshot

Prior to completing her occupational therapy training, Andra had a background working in workers’ compensation and marketing. In these roles, she has developed her communication skills, working in multidisciplinary teams and has become resilient working in challenging environments.

While completing her occupational therapy degree, Andra worked as an Allied Health Assistant and was involved in research projects focusing on outcome measures used in acute care, cognitive rehabilitation for older adults and the impact of COVID-19 on community organisations. In her volunteer role with NSW Health, she has worked with newly arrived refugees, assisting them to navigate the health system in their local community.

Andra is also a native speaker of Romanian.