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Working together for meaningful and effective outcomes

How can we help you?


Working collaboratively with you to bring positive change in your life


Providing consultation and support to assist you co-ordinating services for individuals in your care


Providing consultation, assessment and intervention services for your clients & capacity building, supervision and training services for staff

Legal Professionals

Providing expert legal consultations

Medical Professionals

Allied health services for clients presenting with health conditions or complex behaviours impacting function and wellbeing

Our Services

Occupational Therapy

Occupational Therapists work with people to help them to participate in the activities of everyday life that are meaningful and important to them; activities that they may want, need or be obligated to do.

Case Management

Clinical case management services provide coordination and a central point of contact for individuals with multiple and complex support requirements.


Psychologists assess, diagnose and use evidence-based strategies and interventions to assist individuals develop skills to overcome challenges they may be experiencing and more effectively manage their mental health.

Education & Training Packages

A range of education and training modules are available that aim to build the capacity of clinicians and support staff to work with individuals who have complex clinical presentations that impact on function.


Referrals are accepted from individuals, medical professionals, legal professionals and third party funders. Medicare and private health insurance rebates are available for eligible individuals.
We are registered to provide NDIS supports under the improved daily living category.